Humanity as a species dwells in a web of relations.

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Beneath the Bark

With elections looming, Kerala's iconic but faltering rubber industry pins its hopes on political promises.

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An anathema

Today, much of our social relations are mediated by an excess of images and consumer culture. Authentic social life has been replaced with mere trends, leading individuals to live in a state of alienation and passivity. Such an estrangement perpetuates a culture of superficiality, detaching people from genuine human experiences and social interactions. We believe in a kind of fashion that would be an anathema to such detachments.

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The Conflict Box

The Conflict Box by JoB is a collection of goodies from Object. This box includes a Bengali Mat, a Fan, one cross-stitched napkin, and one digitally printed napkin. Served alongside these goodies is our Mini-Issue Newspaper.

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Our maiden issue: high gloss, high fashion and dare we say, highbrow. Object is available for sale at select bookstores around the world and in our online shop. Limited prints on paper glossier than your glossiest lipgloss, we we hope it rests safely on your coffee table as India’s first coffee table magazine. To preorder your copy, subscribe to the box and make sure you get yours first!

the nomad's route

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