Where the journey began

Welcome to the journey of objects.

Journey of Objects (JoB) is your map to the crafts of India. Over here you'll find objects from the furthest reaches of the country collected during reporting trips.

JoB is deeply intertwined with our journalism published in a quarterly magazine called Object. As reporters we have access to parts of the country that are often overlooked. During field visits, in far-flung villages, as we investigate stories, we also stumble upon ways of life that are rapidly slipping away from the cities. In these parts of the country, villagers continue to be swaddled in the softest cotton; families continue to eat the food they farm; people live in harmony with the nature around them, making boxes, bags and plates with the bounties nature affords them.

Object works with these people in bringing their products to the market as well as injecting back into these communities through skill upgradation. This takes us to self-help groups and tribal clusters across the country. Each trip is documented in the journeys, and the stories we pick up are shared here as well as in Object.


a day in the life of object

Want to know who writes the stories? Or stitches the robes on your back? Come and take a look at how we do the JoB.


a day in the life of object

Want to know who writes the stories? Or stitches the robes on your back? The designers toiling to make this interesting? Here's a snippet of our JoB.

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Each Journey takes you deep inside the country.

To better acquaint yourself with the concept, we suggest you think of each Journey as a trip taken with an eccentric journalist, an armchair scholar, a researcher or models. While each journey is distinct, there is one common thread: an enduring love for fashion.

It is because of this we seek out the finest designers in the country; some have storied ateliers, others work out of their bedrooms in their parents’ homes. While no two designers are the same, the creators showcased here pursue a commitment to conscious creation and consumption. You'll see this in the dyes, the practices, the fabric and the deep research each designer and artisan undertakes to bring you their creations.

Through our Creators page, we hope, we're offering something more than just e-commerce. Interviews, podcasts, personal histories allow us as reporters and you as not just consumers but readers to understand the processes behind their favorite piece or the challenges they've faced in reaching where they've reached today.

This isn't just
e-commerce but
also a conversation on conscious consumption.

Lofty Goals

Mission Statement

Where does fashion originate? This is a question that occupies a lot of our headspace at Object. Very often we've found it in villages deep inside India, where fashion isn't seasonal, nor is it something that is taken off. Fashion here is an expression of style, where women sleep and awaken in finery.

Men and women in these villages lend their style (loosely translated as muses in today's parlance) to fashion designers the world over. Our aim is to highlight these people, many of whom claim that their style is slipping away from the very villages that inspire these collections on catwalks from Bombay to Paris.


The Magazine

Journey of Objects is the physical extension of Object, our quarterly narrative journalism magazine. At Object, we treat investigations into fashion with as much seriousness as a fashion feature. A strong connecting strand runs through the issue; in our first issue we explored Gujarat, and in our second issue we turned towards Silk.

Through these stories, we aim to bring an element of analysis to fashion reportage. Questions that preoccupy us range from the impact fast fashion has on the environment; the challenges faced by the weavers to the policies that can allow for small-scale, small batch garments and objects to survive in a rapidly transforming world.

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our objects

Every now and then, as we cut across landscapes varied and wonderful, we stop in our tracks. The image of a Rabari with her wonderful accessories, the immensity of the Dangi forest parallel the world-renowned Burmese. It is here our Journalism of Touch kicks into play.

A crucial component of JoB are our designers and tailors who work with expert artisans to create products that are limited in quantity, in keeping with our belief that overproduction is the nemesis of luxury. Our cotton is organic, our wool is sourced from shepherds we have close relations with and our weaves are spun by master weavers across the country. Our products are therefore physical extensions of the stories; each object possesses its own narrative. Each product possesses a unique QR code that takes you to the hands of the maker.

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