A land of ever-evolving craft cultures.

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The 2001 earthquake in Kutch shattered the district. What followed was a reconstruction effort that laid the foundation of the “Gujarat Model” of development.

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The impossibility of a singular idea of India stems from its profound diversity and complexity in terms of languages, religions, ethnicities, and cultures. Each region, community, and individual contributes to a mosaic of experiences that resist homogenisation and fragment any attempt at a singular narrative. Object locates India in its many craft experiences, and the country’s right to fashionings in the plural.

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The JoB box is a testament to our commitment to bringing balanced, nuanced and impartial news, from where the story unfolds. While Object identifies itself as a fashion magazine, we use fashion as a discipline to better understand the society we live in. Our first issue is centred around tribes and their clothing, exploring notions of home and identity. In the subsequent issue, we dive deep into the secular legacy of cloth and follow the journey of silk along the famed silk route.

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Our maiden issue: high gloss, high fashion and dare we say, highbrow. Object is available for sale at select bookstores around the world and in our online shop. Limited prints on paper glossier than your glossiest lipgloss, we we hope it rests safely on your coffee table as India’s first coffee table magazine. To preorder your copy, subscribe to the box and make sure you get yours first!

the nomad's route

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